The Competitor Ziddu: WOOW! Paid $ 1 or + / - USD. 10 000 Each time the File Downloaded!

Upload Earn Money in ShareCash

ShareCash hosting service is a data storage (file) what form of music, images, applications or video. how it works almost the same as Ziddu difference if there is a download of data (files) that you store in your ShareCash account will get $ 1 for each download.

There possibility to get the $ 0.2 - $ 1 to download data (files) you must first apply to become members of what would a free or premium (pay).

Why is downloading the file must first apply ...?? because the ShareCash pay a high fee for each download is happening. eg: if a visitor to donwload the file you downloaded for example cara_download_sharecah.txt hold another file again tips_download.txt you will get paid from the 2 files that were downloaded by visitors.

What makes this different ShareCash 

Unlike other uploading websites with nutty pay you with low prices, like $ 10 (USD 10ribu) for 1000 downloads in the U.S., will give you 20-60 cents ShareCash PER DOWNLOAD, for all countries! That is $ 600 (USD 6juta, bro!) For 1000 download - sixty times more than any other uploading websites cash!

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Here are a few kinds of features:
  1. Download the highest rate of about - 20 to 60 cents per download! Until now there has been no match!
  2. Affiliate System - refer to someone else, then get 10% of what they earn!
  3. Membership Paid / Premium-pendownload can purchase a paid membership. If they buy one after visiting yaur file, you get 30% of the price!
  4. Registration of an easy - Start get paid in less than 30 seconds!
  5. Messaging system to afiliasimu-now you can talk with and train the army your  afiliasi so you get even more cash!
  6. Low-payment limits (low cashout limit) - get your money after the payment of only $ 10!
  7. Accept any file type!
  8. Super safe - detail, file, and payment safe!
  9. Download international - paid for any country!
  10. Payments are flexible and on time!
  11. Manager-based upload folder easy used!
  12. Friendship Community Online 24 / 7 at the Forum, Live Chat, TeamSpeak and Ventrillo!
  13. There was no "delay" - almost every other site with a perfect high pay would "suspend" download is good, or not count them, and then even if they do not claim to do so. Not so with ShareCash! Here you get paid for each download!
  14. Uploader Direct and long distance (remote), accompanied by a high-tech FTP!
  15. Payments are constantly on the rise!
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Get Even More Cash

you not only get paid per download! Each time a user goes to download and buy premium membership your file ShareCash together, you get 30% of that price! Imagine how much that can be collected in the long term, and then add the money which you can get creazy distinguished from the normal download, you will soon realize that you can earn more with ShareCash than any upload website!

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Affiliate Links

Now you have another great way to earn money in ShareCash - refer to the user! Simply copy your referral link and make people sign up with him. Sample referral link: 
For each user who you refer, you get 10% of their monthly income!

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