Anti-Cellulite Firming Mousse

Slendex is an anti-Cellulite firming Mousse with a Triple action Formula.
Billie Faiers, Star of The Only Way Is Essex talks about her experience with cellulite and how Slendex™Anti Cellulite Crackle Mousse has helped her keep her figure looking fantastic:

This Revolutionary Triple Action Crackle Technology has been formulated to help tone, Condition, firm, repair and restructure cellulite prone skin.

Advanced Health LTDIt is estimated that 80-95% of women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies and the majority of them wish they didn't have it! That cottage cheese effect or orange peel syndrome which it is sometimes known by destroys body confidence and leaves many paranoid about their skin.

Slendex has been developed to help eliminate cellulite without taking drastic measures. This is done through two brilliant products:
1. Slendex Anti-cellulite crackle firming mousse
2. Slendex Appetite Control

Founded in 2006, Slendex comes fully equipped with some brilliant PR and celebrity endorsements. These include Billie Faiers from The Only Way is Essex and Debra Stephenson from many UK television shows including Coronation Street. Make sure you include the videos and endless amounts of magazine articles from the Slendex site in your reviews!

The two different products contain various ingredients that really help tackle cellulite.
The firming mousse uses PepperMax-ALG which is a revolutionary Crackle Technique blend derived from Pink Pepper extract with Red Algae and Microalgae. This is a powerful ingredient with lipolytic properties that when combined with the crackle technique effectively targets cellulite which shows results in 3-6 weeks.

The Slendex Appetite Suppressant contains BioKonja which is a proprietary blend derived from the root of the Konjac plant. Combined with Niacin, vitamins B2 and B12 and minerals Iron and copper, BioKonja is an effective natural ingredient for weight management that works mechanically, without exerting systemic effects on the body. 

Fed Up Of Covering Up? Don’t Hide Away Another Day....Tackle Cellulite Head On In The Flesh

Doesn’t she look incredible? And Not A Lipo Scar in Sight!

Eliminate cellulite without drastic measures – one crackle at a time! Slendex™ Revolutionary Triple Action Crackle Technology brings you closer to the body beautiful.
  • Tones
  • Conditions
  • Firms
  • Repairs
  • Restructures

Cellulite plagues us all!!

It is estimated that anywhere between 80-95% of women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies; and all of them would love to get rid of it.

Slendex, It does'nt have to be this way
Unlike some conditions, cellulite does not discriminate between the overweight and super skinny, meaning no one is safe no matter how in shape they are!
Cellulite is an unpleasant condition which destroys body confidence; making women overly self-conscious and often afraid to show any skin. Cellulite is so widespread and so difficult to treat that even glamour models sometimes want to exchange their bikinis for sweaters and granny pants.

And what could be more disheartening than ruling out an outfit, an activity or an opportunity because you’re embarrassed about your cellulite?
Solutions are abundant but effective solutions are scarce and for many the dream of being cellulite free is just a dream.
But now there is a solution that is proven to work, easy to use and produces immediate results.

Cellulite is Unsightly, Unpleasant And Now Unnecessary!

Even celebrities are not safe from the cottage cheese effect and can have a hard time keeping it under wraps.

Any tabloid magazine will show you that even the celebrities you thought had perfect bodies were caught out at some point with cellulite – suffering from dimply skin and fatty deposits where they shouldn’t be.
Luckily being constantly in the public eye means that most celebrities stay up to speed on the latest cosmetic breakthroughs and know which ones actually WORK and are worth the hype.

Billie’s SECRET to smooth, even skin does not have to be reserved for celebrities and the elite. You can get in on it today!

You might be thinking that to have the skin or body of a celebrity requires personal trainers, strict low-calorie diets and a special team of stylists.
These things obviously help, but you would be amazed how many of them swear by a secret weapon like Slendex™ to tackle those nasty fatty deposits and bumpy, dimpled skin that even the toughest exercise regimes can’t touch.
Don’t let celebrities have all the fun! Order Slendex™ now and get firmer, smoother skin that you can’t wait to reveal. Slendex™ will help enable you to wear the clothes you want and regain your confidence!

Slendex™ Helps Deliver Total Body Renovation Without A Plastic Surgeon in Sight!

Slendex No More Last Resorts Many people are taking drastic measures to rid themselves of cellulite, desperate to feel confident in their own skin again. These can be painful, expensive and in some cases even worsen the problem!
Liposuction can result in asymmetrical limbs, sunken skin, pits-like areas on the waist and bum and lumpy protrusions.
At upwards of £3000 is this is a risk worth taking?!
Slendex™ Anti Cellulite Crackle Mousse enables you to avoid these last resorts without cutting into your busy schedule or your life savings!
Simply apply the triple action mousse morning and night to the problem areas and watch the magic happen!

Never has a cellulite treatment been so painless, simple and effective!

  • Enhances Fat Burning and drainage
  • Reduces the circumference of the waist, hips and thighs
  • Re-firms and restructures the skin
You too can experience these amazing benefits by ordering Slendex™Anti Cellulite Crackle Mousse today and taking advantage of our unique special offer – buy Slendex and get BioKonja™ appetite suppressant half price!

Slendex Biokonja.jpg


So, how long does it take to deliver fantastic, lasting results?

You can see an immediate improvement upon applying Slendex™ however for best results we recommend continued use morning and evening to see the following:
  • Skin Toned and Conditioned – Immediate
  • Significant Cellulite Improvement– In as little as 2 Weeks
  • Skin Firmness & Structural Repair – From 3-4 Weeks
  • Visible Slimming Effects – From 4-6 Weeks
Frumpy to fabulous
Imagine, in less than a month you could be on your way to flaunting your gorgeous new skin and slender figure rather than hiding it away under unflattering layers!
Order Slendex™ Today and Take Advantage of Our Fantastic 120 Day Money Back Guarantee –The Longest Guarantee In the Industry!
Slendex™ Anti-Cellulite Crackle Mousse Has Delivered Some Incredible Results, Including Weight Loss of Up to 2cm on the Hips and 2.2cm on the Hips
It does this with our revolutionary proprietary blend comprising:
Pink Pepper Extract
Enhances fat burning & promotes slimming.
 Red Algae Extract (Palmaria Sp.)
Increases lipid drainage and improves microcirculation.
Microalgae extract (Chlorella Sp.)
Restructures the skin to enhance firming and smooth out the orange peel effect.
Just like Billie Faiers you can experience the benefits of Slendex™ Anti-Cellulite Crackle Mousse and be on your way to smoother, firmer skin that you love to show off.
But hurry, stocks are limited!
Since its recent release Slendex™ has been in HUGE demand as one of the only clinically proven, celebrity endorsed non-invasive effective cellulite treatments available. Don’t miss out!

Finally! A Cellulite Solution That Actually Works!

Apply Slendex
 Slendex™ utilises the cutting edge Crackle Technique™ which you can feel working as it delivers the active ingredients deep into the skin. It works in combination with Pink Pepper Extract, Red Algae Extract and Microalgae extract to target cellulite and produce visible, lasting results.

Applying Slendex™ crackle is unique experience: you will experience a pleasant ‘fizzing’ effect as the active ingredients work in synergy with the cosmeceutic technique that instantly firms and tones the skin.

The luxurious crackling mousse will leave your skin feeling refreshed, toned and even smelling great! Best of all there is no greasy residue unlike with some inferior products; the mousse is completely absorbed into the skin. Slendex™ can be your little secret!

The Slendex™ PepperMax-ALG blend is formulated by leading British Pharmacists and is clinically proven to deliver actual results in as little as 2 weeks!

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