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TheraBreath has been online for over a decade. In that time, we have helped millions of people to have the whitest smiles and the freshest breath possible. That is how we have become the Internet's largest retailers of specialty oral care products. One in five people has an ongoing halitosis problem. One in three people has marginal to poor breath at least one time throughout the day.

Do you find yourself dealing with painful canker sores? A canker sore or mouth ulcer is a very common and painful occurrence for people on a daily basis. Canker sores can make it difficult to eat, speak, drink and even swallow.

Image of a canker sore If you have found that you are often fighting these pesky canker sores and constantly waiting for them to heal so you can once again enjoy your meals, then you may want to check the ingredients label on your toothpaste. Go ahead and check...we'll wait.

If it's not a TheraBreath toothpaste, then chances are there's an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) lurking in the contents of your toothpaste. Did you find it? Well you may be asking, ok big deal, what IS sodium lauryl sulfate?

SLS is an ingredient that many toothpaste manufacturers include to create a foaming action in your mouth when you brush. It's actually SOAP. There is absolutely NO benefit to SLS, it just gives the impression that the toothpaste is doing its job — it's also used in many shampoos to create a similar foaming while washing. Sounds harmless right? Wrong.

TheraBreath toothpaste stops canker sores It has been proven in research that SLS is so harsh that it can damage the oral tissue that lines the inside of your mouth on a microscopic level. It also dries out your mouth. This can lead to (you've guessed it!) a canker sore.
Canker sores in the mouth
What is the best way to fight canker sores? Prevent them by using a toothpaste (and oral rinse) that don't contain the harsh and canker sore causing ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate.

Did you know that TheraBreath toothpaste is not only the #1 selling specialty fresh breath toothpaste, it DOESN'T contain SLS. It's all natural, Kosher certified, vegan, sugar free (ideal for diabetics) and doesn't contain harsh or unneeded flavorings, dyes, and detergents.

Keep you and your family canker sore free with TheraBreath toothpaste — also safe and effective for children.

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