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Skin Care by Alana Personalize your beauty
Skin Care by Alana Personalize your beautyThe online skincare and makeup revolution is here! My name is Alana, and I want to be your "personal shopper", your "online beautician" and one stop shop for skincare, makeup, and hair care brands that are good for your skin! Matter of fact, I guarantee they are good for your skin and body. I do not sell any beauty products that I have not tried and researched to be successful. No more gimmicks and cheap ingredients in disguise! Call us now, and get an esthetician on the phone who will personally help you select all the products you need to glow and be the envy of all your girlfriends! So why should you trust me? I am a day spa owner, licensed esthetician, and I have been working in the beauty industry my whole life! My mother owned day spas, beauty supplies, and haircutting stores, so growing up, my daycare was literally held in a beauty supply store. Yes, I am a little obsessed, as you can tell from my website, but the benefit is all yours! I am honored to host product lines that are truly good for you, and many company owners (as you will see from browsing around this site) have graced me with their presence for personal video interviews. For example, Boldijarre Koronczayowner and founder of Eminence Organic Skincare recently honored me with his presence for a personal interview. We specialize in these all natural and organic day spa products like Epicuren, Cellexc, Rhonda Allison, GloMinerals, Oxygen Botanicals, La Bella Donna, Clayton Shagal, Ilike, Bioelements , Dermaquest, Youngblood and Image Skincare to name a few. Located in Dana Point, (Orange County, California) Skin Care by Alana is recognized as one of the largest online retailers of organic and all natural day spa skincare products.
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