Servicestart UK

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Servicestart UK
Servicestart is a major online service intermediary, connecting buyers and sellers of all common household, building and business services.  
Servicestart has more than 18 000 registered companies responding to requests and is growing rapidly.
Servicestart UK
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  • Building, Planning & Design
  • Business Services 
  • Household services 
  • Property services 
  • Recruitment 
  • Temporary staff 
  • Tradesmen
Building services 
*Loft conversion *Roof *Build extension *Build addition *Porch *Build sauna *Fascade *Build patio *Conservatory *Terrace *Wall tile *Home improvement *Swimming pool *Install a Spa *Fences *New Door *Decking *Felt roof *Wood floor *Laminate floor *Floor tile *Renovation *Remodels *Ground work *Refurbishment *Cellar remodel *Tin roof *Tile roof *Bathroom renovations *Kitchen renovations *Renovate house *Excavation *Build garage *House foundation *Build shed *Build cabinets *Install worktop *New windows *Garden pond

Professionals and companies connected to Servicestart 
*Architects *Attorney *Accounting firms *Architect office *Accountants *Home builders *House builder *House painters *IT consultant *Gardeners *Garden designer *Handyman *Heating engineer *Event manager *Fascade worker *Floor layer *Garage builders *Decorators *Electricians *Estate agents *Letting agents *Chauffeur *Catering company *Construction manager *Cleaners *Caretakers *Carpet fitters *Building engineer *Building contractor *Business Lawyer *Building firms *Bookkeepers *Bathroom fitters *Builders *Brick layer *Translator *Web designer *Tradesman *Stonemason *Tiler *Security sepcialist *Ventilation specialist *Website builder *Lawyer *Locksmith *Loft converters *Maids *Janitors *Joiner *Kitchen fitters *Law firm *Movers *Nanny *Office cleaner *Mason *Plumbers *Programmer *Pension planner *Painters *Plasterer *Security guard *Removal firm *Roofers *Plumber

Tradesmen services 
*Repointing *Janitorial service *Fit carpet *Demolition *Excavating *Fit floor *Brick-laying *Digging *Kitchen fitting *Masonry *Bathroom fitting *Floor dressing *Carpet laying *Tiling *Roofing *Decorating *Plumbing *Electrical work *Wall covering *Flooring *Painting *Carpet layer

IT consultants 
*Server hosting *IT maintenance *Build a website *Programming *TOIP

Legal services 
*Estate law *Divorce *Insurance claim *Legal advice *Legal agreement *Business contract draft *Copyright lawyer *Tax lawyer *Family law

Building & design  
*Architect design *Building regulations approval *Home styling *Interior design *House plans *Building management *Construction management

Property services 
*Property maintenance *Sell house *Sell flat *Letting agent *New windows *Home security *Surveillance cameras *Property surveillance *Fire protection installation *Alarm *Property administration *Property agent

*Office cleaning *House keeping *Maid *Move-out cleaning *Flat cleaning *Remove waste *Commercial cleaning *Window cleaning 

Household services 
*Tree service *Flatpack assembly *Carpet cleaning *Homework help *Babysitting *House cleaning *Gardening *House maintenance *Transport *Moving

Temporary staff  
*Restaurant Hotel staffing *Human resources staffing *Teachers staffing *Customer support staffing *IT staffing *Finance staffing *Sales staffing *Industry staffing *Healthcare staffing *Retail sales staffing *Office staffing *Builders staffing *Marketing staffing

Conference & events  
*Chefs *Waiters *Catering *Event *Event planning *Meal delivery *Conference planning

Financial consultants 
*Savings *Debt restructuring *Investment funds *Factoring *Pension planner *Accounts *Invoicing *Accounting *Bookkeeping

Heating & ventilation 
*Ventilation *Heating *Boiler installation *Repair heater *HVAC *Insulation *Air conditioning *Geothermal heating 

SME services 
*Forwarding *Goods transport *Office equipment rental *Coaching *Coach service *Editing *Translation *Transport *Printing

Marketing Advertising 
*Advertisement production *Market study *Marketing campaign *Tradeshow *Marketing advice *Advertisement sales