Rush Industries

Category: Cosmetics 

Shapewear   Rush Industries, Inc. was established in April 1977. Our products have been sold worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality...service... and value to all our customers... both retail and wholesale. Rush Industries Inc. is the name trusted by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers for over 30 years. 

We take pride in our company's best selling brand products such as Long 'N Strong, Too Skinny Ectoplan, Mass Gaining Hercuplan, Military, Caps, Rings & Watches as well as our Tehani Salon Beauty Products and Gardening Supplies. We also sell a variety of as Seen on TV household items, jewelry and health products! 

Direct links to our best selling items can be found in our data feed! Currently, our top selling items are: 
 *Too Skinny - Ectoplan 
*Too Scrawny - Hercuplan 
*Long N Strong (All Hair Care Products) 
*Eyelash Oil (Grow longer lashes!) 
*Military / Veteran Rings (All Varieties) 
*Military / Veteran Caps (All Varieties) 
*Military / Veteran Watches (All Varieties) 
*Peacock Jasmine (live plant) 
*French Lavender (live plant) 
*Royal Empress Trees (live plant) 
*Flowering Cactus (live plant) 
*Quick Green Grass (seed) 
*Italian Tree Tomato (seed) 
*Instant Garden Mats (All Varieties) 
*Seedballz (All Varieties) 
*Inspirational Jewelry (Cancer Survivor & Serenity Prayer) 
*Vedette "Total Compresssion Body Shaper" (Style V705) 
*Vedette Underbust Body Suit - Latex Front (Thong or Panty) 
*Shape Changers Bra (One size fits most)