Where Is Your Heart ?

Where Is Your Heart ?
Where Is Your Heart ?
A dangerous thing !
Confusing Good with evil, and evil with Good !
Hearts change constantly.
“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearth find rest !” 13/28
Robbanaa laa tujighquluubanaa ba’da’id hadaitanaa wahablanaa milladunkarohmah innaka antal wahhaab.
“Our Lord ! Cause not our hearts to stray after Thou has guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Thy presence. Lo ! Thou,only thou art the besthower” 4/8
I’am asking YOU !
Where Is Your Heart ?
Where is it ?
Long time ago,it was used to say: “Your heart is bound to the treasures and money yau’ve got”
One fellow’s heart is bound to the jewelry he bought for his wife.
And another fellow’s heart is stuck to the money he has deposited in some Bank.
Whereas a third fellow’s heart is bound to the lost he has sustained in stock exchange.
That was case before,but frankly it is now much worse.
Where Is Your Heart ?
Is it with your woman ,playing with it like a toy?
What have you done with it ?
Hearts are inconstant; they change each hour like a feather blown by the win turning it upside-down.
Your heart condition now is different from the one you’ve had an hour ago,and it will certainly differ after an hour and so on.
A heart is labeled “inconstant” because of its changeable nature.
To confirm to God’s religion is a serious and elevated matter because it is directly related to the heart which is in turn inconstant.
May almighty confirm our hearths to follow the religion properly; Seeking his obedience till the day of judgment.
He is all-fowerful.
My brother,dear one.
Let us slow down and question our selves tonight ;“ Which heart is yours?”
Is it still fettered to lust?
Poor you ! Are you still preoccupied with your belly and lust?
Poor you ! Are yaou still living for appearances and worldly pleasures?!
P      o      o     r       y     o      u      !
P   o   o   r    y   o   u   !
Poor you !
Isn’t it time for your heart to get released to the open space of worship.
Poor you ! Are yaou still content with a worldly richness or a transient lust?
Thinking not of your destiny!
If elements of faith dominate,the heart will become healthy,by God’s Grace
Whereas if elements of hypocrisy dominate,the heart will become regressed.
“The regression of the heart”
“The regression of the heart”
“The regression of the heart”
It means confusing good with evil,and evil with Good.
Without any distinction whatsoever between the two.
i.e. indifference to good and evil.
Resist God in that He orders,and care less for His commands like righteousness toward the parents.
No more does he establish worship or pay the poor-due.
God say;”For he neither trusted nor prayed but he denied and flouted”. (75/31-32}
This kind of heart is the one we call “a Regressed Heart” which is one of the most important earthly punishments for those who disobey.
Many persons have such regressed hearts which are extremely cold and merciless.
That if one ef them sees a blind man trying to cross the street he will not try to help him.
He may also commit sins fearing neither God nor people. God forbid!
This is what a regressed heart is all about!
I  s   t  h  i  s  Y  O  U  R   H  E  A  R  T……………???
I s  t h i s  Y O U R  H E A R T…….???
Is this YOUR HEART…?
Why are you fleeing away?
Is this really Your heart………………….?
Take it is easy,calm down,now tell me frankly..
I  s   t  h  i  s   Y  O  U  R   H  E  A  R  T……………???
I s  t h i s  Y O U R  H E A R T…….???
Is this YOUR HEART…?
Do you have an earthly heart which is satisfied when all your wishes are granted,and discontent when they are not?!!!
Is this really your heart……………………?
A heart searching only for a thing to eat. A car to drive,and a place to visit?
Caring only how,when and where to sleep!
Thinking merely of the ones your will befriend!
Is this You?
Poor you! What a regressed heart you have!
Hasn’t your heart felt the sweetness of prostration; being close to Him.
For what have you sold all these priceless things?
You People who are desperate,bored,weary,lost,and in pain.
Haven’t I told you we long for opening a hospital for curing with belief!
Yes,curing with belief!
W   i  t  h   b  e   l  I   e  f !
W i t h  b e l I e f !
With belief !
We are in need of such a thing.
“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!” 13/28
People who complain that their hearts are not at rest.
That their Hearts are in pain; worrying about life,children and everything else.
No! there is but a sole cure for all these things.
“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!” 13/28
You heart will not pind rest unless you remember God.
Do you want you heart to find rest and be filled with goodness ; caring not for earthly life whatsoever?
Fill you heart with thr remembrance of God.
“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!” 13/28
At this moment. Let us make a promise of commitment.
Here is my hand……
A promise of commitment.
Right now,and before God,hand in hand.
Make a covenant that you will follow the path to God
What are you waiting for ?
Give me your hand and come towards Him.
The Prophet (PBUH) Said:”Beware! There is piece of flesh in the body if it becomes good(reformed) the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt and that is the heart”. Agreed upon,i.e.,related by both Bukhari and Muslim.


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