CityVille Unleashed

CityVille Unleashed
CityVille Expert Reveals Secret Strategies to Dominate the Game.
Learn hundreds of legal tactics and tricks to level faster than you thought possible.
CityVille is a fun game to play, but sooner or later the following happens to just about everyone who plays the game.
• You run out of energy too quickly.
• You don’t have enough coins to get the items you want.
• It’s impossible to gain levels and XP fast enough.
Maybe you’re watching your neighbors progress and wondering how they got to level 60 and beyond so quickly. And you’re wondering if you’ll ever get there yourself.
That’s where CityVille Unleashed comes in. This comprehensive guide walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to dominate CityVille. It contains tutorials, helpful guides and even secret power tips to help everyone get more out of the game. Whether you’re a complete newbie to CityVille, or a regular player who’s just stuck with slow leveling, CityVille Unleashed will help you have more fun and level insanely fast.
The full guide contains:
  • Killer Power Tips for earning more coins, leveling faster and unlocking all the special items in the game.
  • A complete guide to how to get all the buildings in the game, including the exclusive Tower Eats restaurant.
  • Secret layouts to earn payout bonuses of up to 814%. Use these and your CityVille businesses will be raking in the coins!
  • The Franchise Guide. Learn how this incredible but little-understood system can earn you tons of CityVille coins on autopilot.
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